Business model

From 2000 onwards MolMed has evolved into a biopharmaceutical development company, with a primary focus on novel cancer therapies. Today, MolMed is a mature company covering all functions, from discovery  to proof of clinical activity.

MolMed’s strategy for growth is based on four key points:

  • focus on oncology indications that require new therapy options
  • efficiency improvement of clinical and pharmaceutical development, independently or with partners.
  • in-house GMP-based manufacturing of cell and gene therapy products
  • diversified product portfolio to create value.

MolMed is located in Milan, Italy, in the San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park, which houses the renowned San Raffaele research hospital, scientific institute and a private university.

This location offers crucial advantages, allowing MolMed to complement its own R&D resources with the cutting-edge scientific, technological and clinical resources of its host institution, also through its option right on research results of the Scientific Institute in the field of oncology and AIDS.

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