Out-licensing opportunities

MolMed’s business strategy strongly relies on establishing strategic alliances with major biotech and pharmaceutical companies, in order to foster the development of its leading products through co-development, co-marketing or out-licensing partnerships.

MolMed intends to out-license some of its leading products for selected indications and territories:

  • NGR-hTNF vascular targeting agent
    MolMed is seeking a co-development or out-licensing partnership to take NGR-hTNF through its full clinical programme to product marketing. MolMed is particularly interested in partnerships with major pharmaceutical or medical biotech companies seeking to strengthen their existing oncology portfolio.
  • AIDS gene therapy
    MolMed offers out-licensing of a novel therapeutic gene, Chim3. Chim3 is a mutant of the Vif gene conferring resistance to HIV infection (patent pub. WO/2006/111866 filed in Europe, U.S., Japan, Australia, Canada, China, India, Singapore and South Korea). Chim3 belongs to the best performing class of antiviral transgenesis, and keeps HIV-1 host cells free from new infection by acting on the early stages of the HIV-1 life cycle. AIDS patients’ own haematopoietic stem cells, genetically modified ex vivo to Chim3-cells, prolong their lifespan by surviving HIV-1 infection. Their reinfusion into the patient is expected to grant the long-term restoration of the immune system required to ultimately defeat AIDS.

In-licensing opportunities

MolMed assures constant additions to its development product portfolio and continual progress of its technology platforms both through in-house activities and co-funded partnerships with major international research organisations and through the acquisition of licences covering product and technology opportunities suitable for the company’s clinical R&D portfolio.

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