Corporate governance

MolMed finalist of the 2013 corporate governance Award

MolMed finalist of the 2013 edition of the Corporate Governance Award "Ambrogio Lorenzetti" in the category "Listed companies"


MolMed’s Governance system is based on the traditional model of administration and control, and consists of the following bodies: Shareholders' Meeting, Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors, as well as three advisory committees within the Board of Directors: Committee for Control & Risks, Remuneration Committee and Committee for Transactions with Related Parties, whose function is held permanently by the Committee for Control & Risks.

In order to define a clear and transparent set of values ​​which inspire the achievement of MolMed’s institutional goals, and in compliance with its corporate policy, the Company adopted a Model of organisation, management and control pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and set up a Supervisory Body.

Since 2009, MolMed has implemented a single, integrated system of company procedures regulating in a timely manner the powers and responsibilities of organisation structures as well as manner and timing of their activities; among these, for example the procedure concerning communication.

The Annual Report  provides detailed information on MolMed’s Corporate Governance system and ownership structure.

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