MolMed’s patent strategy is designed to protect its products and its distinctive technologies, as well as their methods of use and manufacturing processes. The company’s aim is to obtain market exclusivity and freedom to operate in the main pharmaceutical markets and emerging markets worldwide.

Over the years, MolMed has built a strong patent portfolio including - as of  December 31, 2016 - 17 patent families, either proprietary or in-licensed from third parties, for a total of 482 granted or filed patents, i.e. 437 granted patents (of which 319 are European National Patents) and 45 patent applications.



MolMed has a patent portfolio on NGR-hTNF consisting of six patent families (195 granted patents and 19 filed applications) - either proprietary or in-licensed - covering the molecule, its use at low dosages (either alone or in synergistic combinations with other antitumour drugs), its therapeutic use for mesothelioma, as well as the recombinant system for the production of the drug.

Zalmoxis® (TK)

MolMed has a patent portfolio on Zalmoxis® consisting of three patent families (88 granted patents and 2 pending applications) - either proprietary or in-licensed from third parties - covering the key elements of the product, including a patent on safe and effective variants of the TK gene and their related production processes.

CAR CD44v6

MolMed holds rights on two patent families (32 granted patents and 3 pending applications) covering Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) technology, and particuarly one coverinf CAR containing new spacer molecules between the antigen targeting domain and the domain responsible for the activation of the intracellular signaling, and one claiming a genetically modified cells production process, as well as a further patent application covering therpeutic combinations.

Other Vascular Targeting Agents

MolMed holds a patent portfolio consisitng of a patent family including 10 granted patents, covering new molecules able to target tumor vessels. 

Gene and cell therapy

The patent portfolio on cell and gene therapy technologies includes five patent families, either proprietary to MolMed or in-licensed from third parties, for a total of 112 granted patents and 19 pending applications. The patent portfolio covers, inter alia,  semi-stable or stable packaging cell lines for the production of retroviral and lentiviral vectors, production methods based on their use, and a new system for the purification of retroviral or lentiviral vectors.

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