Vascular targeting

Vascular targeting is the selective transport to blood vessels of pharmacologically active molecules. In oncology, this strategy is one of the most effective ways to reach the tumour site, exploiting the presence of tumour-specific markers that are expressed only by tumour blood vessels.
Through the use of small molecules (peptide ligands) capable of binding only to tumour-specific markers, it is possible to selectively transport drugs with antitumour activity to the tumour site, thereby improving their efficacy and tolerability.

MolMed’s platform allows the development and characterisation of novel targeting peptides, making use of appropriate in vitro and in vivo experimental models, along with the use of advanced information technology for the study of molecular dynamics.
The combination of these technologies allows definition of the mechanism of action of each molecule, study of the interaction with its receptor and prediction of the chemical changes that can improve this interaction.

Lastly, the application of these technologies offers insight regarding the efficacy and tolerability of new molecules in humans, and answers specific scientific questions that arise during the clinical development of investigational new drugs.

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