Cell and gene therapy

MolMed applies its proprietary technologies in the fields of regenerative medicine and gene therapy. Through in-house development of stem cell technology, MolMed has consolidated isolation, manipulation, cultivation and expansion techniques for various types of human stem cells (haematopoietic stem cells, mesoangioblasts and neuron stem cells), mature haematopoietic cells derived from peripheral blood, and cells derived from other organs.

MolMed is also focused on development of gene therapy technologies allowing final cure of a disease, and particularly on large-scale manufacturing and downstream purification, concentration and sterilisation of both retroviral vectors (RV) and lentiviral vectors (LV).
MolMed has designed and developed technologies and tools for stable and transient production of RV and LV, including several in-house validated assays for testing vector identity/potency, sterility and safety.

MolMed is committed to providing clinical-grade innovative therapies for autologous and heterologous transplants, that can be used - mostly but not only - to cure cancer and numerous genetic diseases.

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