On April 13 , the Company has announced having exercised its option right for the purchase of the San Raffaele Hospital (OSR) immune-gene therapy project against cancer developed using the Chimeric Antigen Receptor CD44v6 (CAR-CD44v6) with potential application in several haematological and solid tumour indications. The CAR-CD44v6 is part of the CAR-T family: lymphocytes armed with chimeric receptors that have demonstrated high anti-tumour potential, also against tumours - above all haematological - which are particularly aggressive and resistant to traditional therapies. 

On April 9 2015 was concluded capital increase ( 4 new shares for every 5 ordinary shares held) with the full subscription of 187,711,408 newly issued ordinary shares with no par value, for an aggregate amount equal to Euro 50 million, gross of costs directly related to the operation.

On March 19 2015, MolMed has entered into a strategic agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), under which MolMed will supply development, manufacturing and technology transfer services aimed at the clinical application of gene therapies based on viral vector cellular transduction.

On March 7 2014, the Company has filed to the European Medicines Agency an application for Conditional Marketing Authorisation for TK, its novel investigational cell-gene therapy. The Conditional Marketing Authorisation application is supported by cumulative efficacy and safety results obtained from a completed Phase I-II, multicentre trial (TK007). Results show that TK can reduce transplant-related mortality and increase overall survival in high risk leukaemia patients transplanted from a mismatched HSCT donor.

Share capital increase (1 newly issued share for each outstanding share), resulting in 58 million Euro gross proceeds. Total outstanding shares: 210,415,616 (100% ordinary shares with no par value).

IPO of 25% of shares, resulting in 56 million Euro gross proceeds. Shares traded on the Milan Stock Exchange (MTA, standard segment) since March 5, 2008. Total outstanding shares: 105,207,808 (100% ordinary shares with no par value).

Capital increase of 10 million Euro.

Capital increase of 16 million Euro.

Entrance of  three major Italian private investors: Fininvest, Herule Finance (now H-Equity S.r.l.) and La Leonardo Finanziaria (now Delfin S. à r.l.) as new shareholders, generating a capital increase of 20 million Euro.

Acquisition and incorporation of Genera S.p.A., the research company of the San Raffaele Institute.

Evolution of business model: from service company to biopharmaceutical product company.

Acquisition of Boehringer Mannheim by Roche, which then sells its equity stake to EDCP venture capital fund.

Foundation as a joint venture between Boehringer Mannheim and Science Park Raf to provide cell therapy services.

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